The Bud and Betsy Show!

*Once again we headed up to Kansas City to see Dr. Stahl and Super Bud the Eye Guy. (Who incidentally mentioned he was going to check out my blog, so now he will know that he is referred to as Super Bud) The big kids got to stay at Grampy and Mimi's, so the three of us headed up for a couple of days. This trip involved putting Betsy under to check the health of both eyes and to have a mold made for a new conformer.  Betsy was a trooper. This girl walked off to surgery with the nurse without hesitation, (we were kinda of hoping for at least one tear) When we got to see her in recovery, she was talking the ears off of her nurses and slurping on juice.  Not bad for a day's work.
Just hanging out waiting on our turn.
Betsy, hoho and I showing off our hospital bracelets.  If you would like to copy my fabulous hairdo.  Just wake up crazy early, throw it in a ponytail, add a good dose of anxiety about the day and then BOOM you are done.  
The ritual for dad and mom when she gets dismissed! Yay us.  
*After some lunch and naps we headed to Super Bud's to get the conformer fitted. As we were heading to his office, Bud called and said that he had a reporter from the Kansas City Public Television Station doing a segment on him today. He asked if it would be ok if Betsy was included. I immediately said yes, then as we pulled up to the office realized that I looked like the picture above, only add in a couple hours wrestling Betsy down for a nap, getting caught in the rain, and just overall sweaty. Nice. Anyway. Todd from KCPTV was a really kind guy who interviewed/filmed us. Betsy was a very quiet version of herself, as she just stood still as Bud put her conformer in/out multiple times.  At least for her television debut it won't show Zack and I sitting on her to put the conformer in.  There were few words from her (although she did sing a tidbit of her song for him), but overall it was fun. I am not sure when the segment will air, but will keep you posted. We are excited for others to see how awesome Bud is and how much he has done for Betsy (and us). It will be also be nice to have proof that Betsy can stand still and be quiet, really that's reason enough to tune in. 


  1. Very cool! Can't wait to watch the clip!

  2. You make it sound so fun! Glad things are going well!


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