Dad's in charge...

*Our already busy week involved a trip to Super Bud's (the ocularist)office to get Betsy's new conformer. We decided that this time Mimi would get the chance to travel along with us. So that meant Zack was in charge.
what? Dad's in charge and I have to miss it?
These are our "trying to look sad that mom is leaving, while we plan fun stuff with dad" faces
 *I left 2 pages of notes and "ideas" of things to do while we were gone. Fun things like clean house and pay the car tags. 
Hahahahaha. They will never get that stuff done mom...But they did of course, between parks, picnics, school, bike rides and parent night. Geez. I should have left a longer list :)
*The visit to Bud went well. He ended up building up the existing conformer and saving the new mold he made a couple of weeks ago for the future. This cut down on cost (another reason why he's super) and time. So we ended up coming home a day early, but thankfully still had some time between appointments for target. whew.
meow and Betsy doing a bit of shopping.
*Betsy is getting to the point where she doesn't sit quite so still at bud's office anymore. The entire time we were in the waiting room she had her hand covering her eye. It was kinda funny, this kid is smart and puts up a heck of a fight. But we got through it even though I think she might have kicked Bud a couple times in the scuffle. oops.

*Since we cut a day out of our trip, it was a LONG day in the car. I think Betsy took a total of 4 hours of naps on the 7 hour round trip. This was great while we traveled, but you can imagine how that worked out for bedtimes.

*The day ended with baths and Betsy peeing down the a/c vent in the bathroom. Apparently I need to remember a couple of key points....1). take diaper off IN THE TUB next time, not over the vent and 2) try not to dwell on the fact that our house could possibly smell like cold pee the next few days.


  1. You're such a good sport! Beki Hastings has a similar peeing in the vent story. Why do kids do that?!

    1. I see her at school pick up. I will have to ask her about it :)


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