We are classy folk...

*This weekend was a lot of things. One of those things was Max finally got to check off his addition to the  list of "things to do this summer". A mohawk!  I have never tried to convey that we are classy folk, but when you lay your child down in the middle of your driveway to give him a mohawk...well that's class you just can't buy.

He now only responds when addressed as "Mohawk Warrior" Awesome.
*To continue our example of high class behavior, we were finally beat down enough, that we let our kids play in the mud. Yup, the new sewer pipe left over mud.  To answer your question "is there poop in there?" Probably.  But isn't there some kind of poop in all mud? (in my head there is, so just go with me on this one) I did thoroughly disinfect them, I promise.  The high point is for one afternoon we were the fun parents. Score.
Ella Kate helping Max get unstuck.

Her "helping" led to a roll down the hill.

Hot Dog..we playing in the mud.

The best comment of the afternoon..."Mom I think I found a piece of old poop pipe" Barf.  

Pretty sure he was the happiest kid (with a mohawk) in town.
*So all that being said, if you would like to be the fun parents too, feel free to bring your kids over. The mud is free, but I will charge you to use the hose to clean them off.

*I am sorry that I used the word poop so much. I shall try to refrain in future blog posts...maybe.

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