back the truck up...

*Hello. It's been awhile, so let's back the truck up a bit.  Last week I came down with strep for the 623rd time.  Another dose of who knows what and a shot to the hip.  I am guessing that a trip to the ENT is in my very near future.  While I was at the Dr, I had the pleasure of having my throat swabbed 3 times.  For those of you keeping track, that is 3 times I violently gagged at a poor nurse.  The nurse offered me a drink, as she handed me the cup she said "don't worry these are extras, we ran out of little cups"
I tried. I could not bring myself to drink out of this cup.
*Ek and Max have had swimming lessons for the last 2 weeks.  They are having a great time and becoming quite the swimmers. Betsy made each daily session entertaining.  
There was luau day.
There was "put up your dukes" day.  She cleaned (dumped) out my purse and found her "power gloves"
*Betsy also decided to add a little spice to the week and got sick.  (How do kids know how to time sickness to coincide with Dad's business trips?) So while I was snuggling her and cleaning up side effects of her sickness, the older two were being cooperative and quiet...fine, that was a lie.
EllaKate did master the "one-handed little brother neck hold" So at least they were learning things.
*So now dad's home, Betsy is well and we can see the weekend on the horizon. Life is good.

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