Captain's Log take 2

*Let's jump right into this today.  I have started running on the treadmill. (let's pause for a moment while you clean up the coffee you just spit out).  I haven't had the best relationship with my treadmill if you recall. I think I have mastered the walking thing, hopefully, so why not attempt running. I started drinking coffee at 36, so now what's stopping me from running (lots of things actually, but let's skip over those) Here are some tidbits that I will share, who knows maybe they will help another new runner....or not.

*First you need some motivation (besides the size of your backside) Mine is a target bag full of M&M's.  My husband loves dark chocolate M&M's. So when I stumbled upon the Valentines ones on clearance for a $1, I cleaned up.  As in I did the arm sweep across the shelf to get them all, much to the astonishment of 2 random ladies watching me.  15 bags in all. So now these diminishing bags sit atop the freezer downstairs next to me while I run.  They mock me, tempt me and anger me.  There is the chance that one day I will snap and attempt to eat them all, but for now they remind me how long I would have to keep running if I eat them.

*I love 80's music and AC/DC. (another proud moment for my parents, there) anyhoo. Pandora helps me get through. I did find that listening to "Shook me All Night Long" takes on a whole new meaning when wearing an ill fitting sports bra. So here's a tip, purchase the correct attire. 

*Also please note that it is very it is hard to play air drums while running. Not impossible, but difficult. Be prepared to stand on the side during a long drum solo. It could save your life. 

*Another mind trick I have used is to pretend that someone scary is chasing me.  But also pretend that you don't have to run very far to safety, come on, we aren't professional runners yet. 

*Pick out a couple mean girls from your past (we all remember them) picture them standing on the side watching you.  I promise you will run faster and try hard to control the crazy loud panting. Also could work with old boyfriends.

*Last but not least, when your 2 year old comes in while you are running and asks "you ok momma? you ok?" Pretend that she is just asking because she is awe that you look so awesome running, or throw her a bag of M&M's from the freezer beside you to distract her and keep going.

*Please don't look for me to be out running in public or in any actual "races." But I will be panting and sweating in my own basement for now. Who knows maybe next will be weight lifting.  Sorry I just spit my own coffee out on that one.


  1. You will be ready for Emma Creek !!! - Amy M.

    1. Yes. Possibly. Maybe. Or I will just watch you run past while I walk with ek ;)


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