Captains Log.

*I'm just going to get right to it. I bought a "new to me" treadmill a couple of days ago. My old one died a few weeks ago. I think due to overuse. Zack...isn't convinced and neither are my jeans. But anyhoo. On a side note it's huge. As in USS Enterprise huge..nope I'm not a trekkie, but I do feel like captain kirk steering it through space. Now, I want to pass on an important treadmill safety tip.  When you are using a new treadmill for the first time, it is not the brightest idea to put on your headphones and watch a show on the laptop. Why you ask? Well then you do not hear the faint beep that happens when it is about to speed up to "RUN LIKE YOU ON FIRE" mode.  So picture this...walking along briskly, watching an educational show (whatever Hawaii 5-0 fine) when all of a sudden you are running for your life.  Then you think "hmmmm should of checked this spaceship out before just jumping on and hitting start" Needless to say I was able to jump to safety while I frantically tried to slow the beast down. Tonight I will try again wish me luck :)
my own space cadets


  1. Your house seems like there's always so much fun going on! I want to visit soon :)

  2. you are welcome anytime! We would love to see you.

  3. ...so you are telling me we need to start walking again...outside...where it is safe! :)


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