Afternoon with ek.

*I got to spend some quality time with Ek yesterday.  Here are some highlights:
-She spent the entire 25 min to Wichita explaining the story of St. Patrick to me.  Whew.
-She only wanted to eat lunch at a cafe. Then she suggested that Target has a cafe. Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?
-I spent a chunk of time in the dressing room, the entire time she commented that everything I tried on was "cute, so cute mom" I might be hiring her out to be a shopping companion.  Be warned that she will also tell you that something is "super cute" even when you can't get it buttoned.  But if you can overlook those times, it is nice having such positive feedback in a dressing room.
-I failed to take any pictures of our day, since Ella Kate had my phone so she could be in charge of the list.  Which also meant watching cartoons when the list got boring.
*It was the perfect afternoon.

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