spring break in review

*Our spring break was pretty uneventful, but great at the same time.  The weather didn't exactly cooperate, but we (so far) have not gone crazy. Here's a glimpse of our week.

This girl spent a couple days with Grampy and Mimi.  She was in art heaven.

Attempting to do some work in the garden. 

Lots and lots of tent building

Waiting for Grammo Jane to come play

A bit of dress up and unicorn rides
Hunting for snakes and monsters. None were located, thankfully.

Last but not least Superhero playing. Just remember to remove before answering the door to the UPS man. ( I did, but barely)
*Now we are preparing to end our Spring Break with a possibility of more snow, good thing I spent lots of time getting everyone's warm clothes out. Geez.

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