phone photos.

*I decided to clean off the pictures on my phone. So here are a couple of good ones.
A family picture by Max. I think you could tell which one Betsy is without the caption. Yowza. Also, there is an adititional head in the picture. DO NOT BE ALARMED, we do not have another child. I promise, I think I would know?Anyhoo, according to Max, it is Betsy's friend. This friend apparently grows out of her head. Huh!? Here we thought her eye was the biggest issue, now to deal with an extra head? I don't want to even talk about my angry face. History shows that I am not depicted well in drawings. 

We stopped off at our favorite coffee shop, Lincoln Perk on Sunday to see Santa.  We were the family that did not plan ahead and have cute outfits on the kids, or brushed their hair for that matter. But they had fun, the free cocoa and candy canes were an added bonus.  As you can tell Betsy looked pretty stressed about the whole ordeal.

Our post office has a mailbox for Santa. The kids were so excited to mail their letters. The fun part is that Santa always responds. Gotta love small towns!

Max is many things. He always surprises us. Recently we discovered he is an angry dancer. This picture was taken while he was dancing to Christmas music. School dances should be interesting with this boy.

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