*Morning. I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has asked about updates on Ariel. So far she has not resurfaced. I think it's safe to say she is no longer part of this world.  Ek did take down her makeshift memorial, which consisted of Ariel's tail taped up next to her bed. So I think she is moving on as well.

*We only get the Sunday paper. This is an issue, because all 3 kids want to run out and get the paper. It is tough to wait 2 weeks between turns. The solution was simple. All 3 kids get the paper every Sunday. If you live in our neighborhood, you might see the paper flying in reverse direction.  The first kid brings it in, I chuck it back out into the yard for the second kid and repeat. This seemed to work for us, until Betsy decided to stand in the yard yesterday morning, in the freezing cold, and decide the paper was too heavy. All of a sudden the older 2 decide getting the paper is old news, so this momma has to drag a popsicle in footy pajamas inside, while dressed for success in her own pajamas.  We might just start reading the paper online.

* I am 35 years old. I have a college degree. I can not make paper snowflakes.  As in I was heckled by my 5 year old. She reprimanded me about wasting paper and not concentrating. I agreed to get help in form of a YouTube video. I watched the video and still failed. Ek was not impressed. I did not scream though, when I heard Ek say "That's 8 times you ruined the snowflake, mom" or "Maybe you should just give up" or my favorite, "How about we just make a paper plate fish in this video?" Now our recycle bin is full of snowflakes that were prematurely cut in half.  Annoyingly enough, Zack comes back from a call with the fire department and makes the most beautiful paper snowflake. However, I must say the paper plate fish turned out well. I didn't even have to watch the video! Now nothing says Merry Christmas like a paper plate fish in this house.

*Betsy is really into art lately. More accurately, she is into making one mark on a piece of paper and hanging it up, kind of art.  Her current art installation is on our bedroom wall. The photo below is just a portion of the display. I might start having dreams of being smothered by falling construction paper.  If you have a bare wall that is begging to be covered. Call Betsy. She's your girl.
a portion of Betsy's art wall. Please notice the Christmas paper plate fish. So festive.
*Betsy is asking for more tape, so we are off and running with new art today. 

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