snowflake attempt #2

*Morning. I hope you have figured out by now that I am not a consistent blogger. Life gets busy and unfortunately my blog isn't on the short list. It does rank higher than things like cleaning and laundry, pretty sure if you knocked on my door right now, you would be able to tell that. 

* Yesterday Ek's school was handing out free hot chocolate for  community service day. This sweet girl was the best sign holder of the day.  The only dilemma  during her shift was whether or not she could put her sign down to hug her grandparents. Grampy and Mimi decided that they were in the market for some cocoa, so they came down for the afternoon.

*After school we headed back home for some craft projects. Betsy decided to wear her sunglasses while coloring and then for the rest of the day. Betsy then added an average of 10 more "art projects" to our walls. Our home looks like a preschool threw up on all the walls. I must admit I kinda love it. I also must admit I put tape on Betsy's Christmas list.
Grampy and Betsy hard at work on their picture. 
 *We also discovered that failure to make proper paper snowflakes might be hereditary.  Mimi and Ek had a rough go, but finally were successful.
EK is not convinced that Mimi can make snowflakes.
Finally success!

A little burger and fries (and gallons of ketchup) for dinner
Having dinner while sporting the sunglasses.  She is one of a kind.

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  1. They must make the very best grandparents in Abilene! I love seeing your folks and Amy's folks doing such neat grandparent things. And Betsy Kate is totally rocking those shades!


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