chalk figures add 10 pounds.

*Making cookies with my girls and one mermaid tattoo.  Side note: when a tattooed 4 year wants to eat some dough..you let her.

* yesterday ellakate drew our family in chalk. We all laid on the driveway while cars drove slowly past making sure we were ok and not a crime scene.  When all was said and done this was the finished family...(betsy opted out)
ellakate in her usual rainbow of colors
max. the ears are a smidge larger than in reality.
zack. i promise his head is normal size in real life. 
and me. let's discuss..shall we?!  I have no distinguishable legs, just appear to be wearing betsy's sleeper sack pajamas.  also I am a dead ringer for the character "Sloth" in the movie Goonies. Yup. this depiction could have stemmed from a certain mother putting a certain girl in time-out several times earlier.  Seriously will it not rain?


  1. The picture of you seriously made me giggle out loud. Want me to come over with a bucket of water? :)

  2. that would be great! how about right now?

  3. Please be assured, I see no resemblance to you at all....unfortunately the last weather report I heard did not include any rain. Maybe you should water your lawn - in large amounts - tonight. What really made me laugh was the thought of all of you laying on the driveway. That would certainly be a Kodak moment!!! Aunt Connie

  4. She didn't even give you any clothes. Boy, she's really getting even with you. Connie

  5. i thought the about sloth in goonies the second i saw that!!! BEFORE i read the words.
    maybe she was really drawing that and is a REALLY great artist beyond her years. :)

  6. Look at the bright side...your head is way bigger than Zach's. And your hair is awesome.

  7. connie- i hadnt thought about the clothes..too funny.

    meg- glad that someone else could see sloth..let's go with that thought that she is a really talented artist. Now who the heck showed her Goonies?

    tonya- thanks for the bright side. that hair is awesome.

  8. Seriously, this made me laugh until tears shot out of my eyes. HILARIOUS. Sarajane, you have a gift my friend.


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