Hi Bud.

*Yesterday we visited Bud aka SEG ("Super Eye Guy"). The trip was a bit too close to the previous Colorado ride, so the excitement wasn't quite there. The older 2 got to spend a couple of fun filled nights at Grampy and Mimi's. Zack, Betsy and I got to spend 6 fun hours in the car. Here are Zack's thoughts on that...

*To pass the time we found that Betsy liked to play the "wind tunnel" game. I promise she really was having a good time.

*Another fun moment was getting handed an eyeball vs a corndog. I think I'll take the corndog anyday.
*Needless to say it was determined at her appointment that she will be put back under anesthesia (again blah) in the near future to have a brand new mold made. This will fit her real eye better so we hopefully wont be handed a fake eyeball on a daily basis.  We hope :)

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