*Hola Monday.  This weekend was a quick one. It was pretty much filled with sweaty kids and house cleaning. Do we know how to have a bang up time or what? Unfortunately as I type this I am looking around the house and not really remembering that I cleaned it. Blah.
* We did throw in some fun with the pool, cookouts/s'mores with the neighbors and playing the eye game with Betsy. This game can only be played with a one-eyed kid. Sorry if you can't play it at your house, but you are welcome to come play here. It involves putting a fake eye in your 19 month old and then seeing how fast she can pop it back out. I think this came was played WAY TO MUCH this weekend. As hard as I try to be mature about the whole thing, I still get a bit creeped out when an eyeball is thrust into my hand. This morning was a new record at 7.9 seconds that she had it in before it was back in my hand. The bright side is at least she is handing it to us and not chucking it. My dad did suggest to keep the windows rolled up in the car from now one though. Good advice.
*Betsy discovered that playing outside in this heat isn't all that fun. Unless you steal your brothers hat and make him take you for rides. Smart girl.

*Hope your Monday is flipping SUPER..or it at least involves a cape cause that would be sweet too.

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  1. Thanks for brightening my Monday - you ROCK!!!


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