Vacation photos

*Finally you can stop holding your breath. Here are some vacation pictures. HA! I narrowed them down due to the fact that uploading 200+ photos would take forever (not to mention bore you). If you really are wanting to see them all, they should arrive shortly from Shutterfly and you are welcome to come and put them in my photo albums :)

*This was our 5th year at this all inclusive ranch. Wonderful yet again. Our daily schedule: breakfast, horseback riding, swimming, lunch, nap, swimming, dinner. Fantastic. We had a great week with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Raymond, my parents and my sister's family. The best part is having someone else clean up under the table after meals. The kids were especially ecstatic about the unlimited pop and juice. I can't wait for them to discover pop that has actual caffeine in it...or wait maybe I can. Anyhoo here are some snippets of our week.
donuts in our bellies and its time to leave!
quick stop at the dinosaur museum
The flying squirrel showcases his motel bed jumping skills 
the only way to hike in the mountains. (for betsy that is) 
cutie cousins and matching dresses 
Annual pic at the stable
this is the closest betsy got to the horse. (She didn't actually sit down) On the last day we did get her to touch the horse. So that's progress
Sweet Cowboy Small, patiently waiting for his turn, while his sneaky sis drinks his Sprite.
no hard feelings for Cowboy Small. He is soon double fisting it with Sprite and Orange juice. That's what I call a vacation!
the best naps in the world. 
pool stunts. Difficuttly: 8.4 We have been working on her form...I think she nailed it :)

*Now back to daily life and cleaning under the table after meals. 


  1. Oh my word, the napping picture....you must frame it. Look at it every day, breathe deep, and you'll remember what vacation feels like and how much you love that man! And does Betsy know that I have a matching shirt?! This one girl named SJ gave it to me. We are twinkies.

  2. My favorite pictures are Max flying and Betsy drinking from the pop can. So cute! Thanks for sharing your photos!


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