Hello again.

*Well hello again. Sorry for the MIA status. We have been on vacation in lovely Colorado. I was hoping to do some posts ahead of time, like professional bloggers do. But...when your husband decides to leave a day earlier than planned, and tells you this at 7 pm the night before, you have to toss certain tasks to the wayside.  Since I do not have all the fun vacation pics downloaded yet, I thought today's post would just be about the car ride. The trip out was pretty uneventful. Kids were happy, DVDs were watched and the car was in order. On the way home...not so much..Here is a break down.
leaving the ranch. My we look so refreshed and happy.
*kids that colored on DVD screens and got them taken away for the whole trip  - 2
*parents that kinda wished they had come up with a different punishment  - 2
*Kid that would NOT watch a DVD to prove a point to her older siblings  - 1
*Number of times Betsy screamed like a parrot  - 1,437

*Number of corn dogs thrown at my head  - 2
corn dog #2. Dang that ek has an arm.
*Number of times I got my arm stuck between my seat and the car door  - 2. Times I panicked  - 1
*Number of times Zack wished he wasn't trapped in the car with the whole family for father's day  - too many to count
*Hours shaved off last years travel time  - 1
*Hours that my sister's family and parents beat us home  - 3
sometimes you have to get out...and leave the kids in.
*Times I almost wet my pants after Zack discovered his seat heater was on in 98 degree weather  - 1
*Songs sung by max on the way home - "we can't find our house, "we can't find our house"
*Songs sung by the parents - (to the tune of We're Not gonna take it" by twisted sister.)   "We ain't gonna make it. NO! We ain't gonna make it"
*Number of cookies Betsy ate to get through a 45 min span before we stopped for dinner  - 4
*Pounds of clothing packed  - 12   Pounds of laundry when we get home  - 229 HOw does that happen?
*Gallons of bubbles that had tipped over and covered garage floor while we were gone  - 1
Praise Jesus! We made it home
*I will return with a post about the bulk of the trip. Fun stuff nothing involving the car! Happy Monday...or for us. Oh crap. We are home without any food. 


  1. I am crying I'm laughing so hard! Thanks for the entertainment!


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