Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day!

*Our day was grand. Minus the part where Max handed me a fresh picked booger and said Happy Mother's Day. But I guess that is also part of being a mom. (not exactly the fun part) 

*Later we went to the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine to hear Robin Macy and the Cherokee Maidens. Fantastic time. Grampy, Mimi, Grammo Jane and Mike joined us. It meant the world to me that I got to spend mothers day with them. Robin graciously sang "One-Eyed Betsy" which was the highlight of the day. Grampy got a video on my phone. I spent the better part of the morning trying to upload it, with no luck. I will keep working on it. I can't wait to share it!

*After the song, Betsy was a bit of a celebrity.  We met some interesting people, another woman named Betsy, she and mini betsy were hugging the day away in 3 min flat. Also an older gentlemen who told me the tale of his son losing his eye due to being gored by a bull. YOWZA. A therapist in line to the bathroom who was convinced this random Dr in Wichita could get Betsy to regain sight in her eye. Oh and he also has dogs. (apparently a must for sight healers). 

*The kids were great and spent the time dancing, eating, exploring and more eating. Ek regaled us on the way home with the amount of desserts she had. The number was 7 which included a cookie from the woman sitting behind us. Betsy ate everything she could see all while playing her "slap bass"

*Yesterday was the best day I could have asked for. I hope that everyone enjoyed their day as well. Now bring on Monday :)

the famous slap (armpit) bass
dancing with cupcake around the mouth
double slap bass action serenades my dinner
Betsy found grammo jane's food stash
how could you not pinch this face?
the dessert bandit.

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