Naps no more

*Yesterday we had a family struggle over napping. I had 3 kids all tired and cranky, with only the youngest that finally fell asleep. The older two did everything in their power to escape being quiet for more than 6 seconds. After exhausting my options, patience and voice, I corralled them into my bed. Using my best parenting voice, I gave them a heartfelt apology on harping and yelling at them most of the day. I promised to be a calmer and more fun mom in the afternoon. It was definitely a good parenting moment. After they accepted my apology and kisses were given. Ek looks up at me and says " We are still not taking a nap mom." NICE. I guess Hallmark won't be a making an after school special about this family.

*We ventured out a couple weeks ago to Zack's office for a field trip.  The excitement of seeing Daddy during the day paired with Lunchables for a desk picnic was immeasurable. 

lunch at daddy's desk.

highlight of the day...looking out the 6th story window!

*Hold on Wednesday, here we come!

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