Betsy's theme song!

*today was a great day. We headed to the local arboretum and listened to the Robin Macy band.  If you have never heard Robin (she's best known as a singer/songwriter and founding member of the Dixie Chicks) sing, it's time too! 

Robin owns the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine. We have known her for several years, but a couple months ago she hired Zack to clean out a pond. Here is a great picture of them after the pond cleaning on her blog.  She heard about Betsy and wrote a song just for her. It's called "One-eyed Betsy" Today she sang it for the first time in public. It was amazing. Here is a snippet of some of the lyrics.
Mama cried hard and Daddy grew quiet 
Doctor went to work but troubled what to think 
Preacher on his knees sent prayers up to heaven
Children poked fun but all were forgiven
(fill) ‘Cause Betsy gave a little wink

Oh, my, one-eyed Betsy
She hit the ground running on the day she was born
Oh, my one-eyed Betsy
Gotta a whole lotta living there’s no time to mourn 

She called Betsy and I up to the front and the entire band sang to her. My heart felt like it would burst. I got pretty teary eyed listening to it. How many sad yet cool things have happened to us in the last 8 months. WOW.  I hope that someday I can post Robin singing this song.  Only our sweet betsy has her own theme song before she turns 1. :) Thank you Robin for loving our sweet one-eyed betsy. You will always be special to us! Here is a link to a tv interview about Robin's life, music and her beloved arboretum.


  1. WOW indeed! A sweetie like Betsy certainly deserves a song written in her honor! Glad you are enjoying the fall! Rebecca

  2. Love it!!! Really really wish we could've been there!

  3. Oh, how sweet! God works in amazing ways! Can't wait to her "One-eyed Betsy"! Love you

  4. Wow! That made me cry. I love the idea of Betsy winking. Oh, what a sweet, fun, spunky little one-eyed darling you have!


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