Week in review

*This week has flown by. Monday was Wichita with Tonya and her kids. We tried to be "fun mom's" after the Dr appointment and included target, sweet tea (moms only) and the McDonalds play place. (Which totally makes my skin crawl, but sometimes just has to be done) Betsy stirred things up by adding some strange spots on her face throughout the morning. Tonya decided we probably left betsy's strange spot germs and picked up some new ones from the play place. No harm no foul.  Later that night, we thought she had the chicken pox, but the next morning, the Dr decided it was a bacterial infection. My guess is her nightly cocktails from the bird bath finally caught up with her. She is now cleared up and thankfully it was not contagious, or that might have been the last play date with Tonya's family.
*We then decided the second week of summer break was a perfect time for our 1st summer trip. Grampy and Mimi gladly hosted us for a couple of nights. Zack gladly took a couple evenings to himself :) The kids were outside as long as the sun was out. Our vacation itinerary included...
-lots of tree swinging and porch swinging

-Major camp outs and reading breaks in Mimi's famous clothesline tent.

There were hours spent in the playhouse
Now that I look back at all the pictures, I'm trying to decide why I ever left home?

*Our trip started out a little rough when a semi passed us and put a major crack in the windshield. Betsy and I both screamed since it was so loud. I may or may not have shouted "I've been shot". just saying. Anyhoo the good news is that I now have a upcoming bday present for Zack...a new windshield. He will be so excited.

The last shot before the tent was dismantled. Betsy played so hard that her hair turned into a rocking side pony.  Hope your weekend is swell. I'm going to be on the hunt for our own clothesline!


  1. Pretty please save a spot for me and my littles in the tent next time. Your mom is cool for so many reasons.

    And you forgot to mention the part where you entertained my child for THREE FREAKING HOURS at the doctor. How gracious of you to leave that part out. Oh yes, and the part where he smacked Max and called him "poopy". Niiiiiiiice.

  2. Your parents have the best playhouse ever. Good memories inside there. :)


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