christmas tree surfing

*We had a busy weekend which included visits with Santa, birthday party for Jesus, annual Christmas dinner with good friends and our regular mishaps.
*The visit with Santa went very well. We showed up and were the only people there. I call that a Christmas miracle.  Last year's Santa was a bit on the sad and possibly hung over type, while this years was much betterl. The kids did really great. Max asked for a Lightning McQueen swimsuit (not sure where that came from) Ellakate asked for lots of stuffed animals and betsy, well betsy stared and then cried. But I'm pretty sure she said anything from target would be fine.

*We had a surprise visitor to our house. The flying squirrel. We have not had a sighting from him for quite some time.  Zack and I were in the kitchen when we heard a loud crash coming from the living room. We ran in to see the Christmas tree on the floor. Betsy was laying with her feet under the very tip of the tree. So thankfully she was mostly spared. Ellakate says "Don't worry, mom and dad. I saw the whole thing". Well that's a relief. Apparently the flying squirrel took a leap/fall from the arm of the couch into the tree and rode it to the ground. I wish I could have seen it. A couple hours later and we have the ornaments back on (some glued back together) the carpet is finally dry and everyone seems unscathed. Our beautiful tree is looking more and more like Charlie Brown's. Hurry up Christmas :)

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