colds, santa and a squirrel

*Hello from the land of tissues and NyQuil! We have all been going through long drawn out colds and sinus infections. But I think we can finally see our way out of the mountain of kleenex. I did discover that I am working my way towards becoming an old biddy. I now keep tissues tucked up my sleeve so that I have one always available for someone.  I didn't realize I did this so much until I noticed an elderly woman at the store doing the same.  I thought "hey I do that"...wait "HEY I DO THAT!" Well, it is so darn handy.
*The kids have been playing Santa and his/her reindeer all week. They throw mountains of crayons from the side of the sleigh, then I seem to step on them all. So then we all spend for.ever picking up broken pieces, but hey, it keeps them entertained. Here is one of the many sleighs.

*The flying squirrel has been everywhere it seems. He hasn't toppled the tree again (yet) but he is testing his skills out daily. Here is a good action shot.
i love how it looks like he is jumping over ek.

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