introducing the flying squirrel

* our resident "cowboy small" has traded in his hat and horse for a superhero cape.  The last several nights our favorite superhero "the flying squirrel" has escaped from his crib numerous times.  We have resisted buying him a bed until he figured out an escape route, so the time is here!  The kicker was when I found him standing on the railing getting ready to perform an actual flying squirrel impression. yikes.  
the flying squirrel before nap. even superhero's need to rest

*"the flying squirrel"  
strengths: melting you with his blue eyes, consuming large amounts of goldfish crackers at a single sitting, climbing anything, saying "no" until you want to scream, finding any speck of mud within a 50 mile radius, and changing the temperature in the house at any given time. (see photo below)
weaknesses: car seats, baths, and any mention of bedtime.
arch enemies: ellakate, betsy and the cat that poops in our sandbox.

the flying squirrel has been known to bump the heat up to 80 degrees.
his momma thought she was going through the change!

*the next time you visit a car lot, do not be surprised to see ellakate.  She is perfecting her sales/stalling/negotiation skills lately.  She was in serious trouble last night and we informed her a spank was on the horizon.  Her response to zack..."it sure hurts my heart and my love for you when you spank me" nice. Our parental stance crumbled and she escaped a spank, not to mention she also sold us a 92 Chrysler LeBaron.

the negotiator. (i warned you this blog would feature numerous leotard pictures)
sweet betsy boo 


  1. Fantastic stuff, sj!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your antics, and well, your kids too. ;)

    You may know me as your long-lost adopted Filipino sister...

  2. geez i cant believe we lost you again! so glad we found you.

  3. Love it! River is a puppy 24/7 right now. The puppy and squirrel need to play.


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