how to...

* Today's blog will feature a "how to" lesson. "How to frighten a complete stranger who is just trying to deliver you new flooring for the bathroom"
1. Start 4 weeks in advance and cut bangs. (those of you who know me well, know I cut bangs about every 5 years. I then immediately regret it and start to grow them out)
2.fall asleep on the couch. Make sure your head is at an odd angle so that your 4 week old bangs will stick straight up and over. (like a cascading waterfall)
3. wake up abruptly and do not look in a mirror 
4.Pick up 1 year old from crib. Make sure you are still sleepy enough that you do not look closely at her.
5.Fix everyone juice and do not hear your 4 year old open the front door. (side note: there was a BIG discussion about not opening doors without mom or dad after this)
6. Panic immediately when you do hear her talking to some strange man.
7. Go to the door and realize he is delivering the new flooring. Have a nice polite conversation. Try not to notice that he has a startled look on his face.
8. Close door. Look down at 1 year old on your hip (now this step will ONLY work if you happen to have a one-eyed child. If not you can skip this step. ) Realize that she has rubbed her conformer and turned it upside down. This makes her awesome painted eye point straight over to the side of her head, giving the illusion that she can see around the side of her head. Creepy yet kinda cool.
9. Start to laugh a bit, then catch a glimpse of your cascading bangs in the mirror. 
10. Success! You have now officially scared a complete stranger who is just trying to deliver you new flooring.  Congrats.

-I really hope that the same guy delivers the new vanity in a couple weeks so i have a chance to redeem myself :)


  1. Oh Sara Jane, I'm laughing out loud as I read this blog! :) I'm thinking I probably know the guy that made the delivery if he was from Kropf Lumber! :) You'll be happy to know I didn't hear of a driver coming back telling stories about your family. :)

  2. Personally I'd cross my fingers for a different delivery guy - my money is on a similar situation occuring again. Just sayin'. :) Love you! Katie

  3. Deb-SO glad to hear there arent any stories floating around about us yet :)

    Katie- yup. my money's on that as well.

  4. Sara, could you please do it again? This time with pictues? Ha ha ha!


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