Betsy and friends.

* I'm a little late on this shout out blog post.  But really are you surprised? Did you see the last post about the almost 4 year wait on a haircut?  Anyway.  Let's discuss some pretty awesome people that we have met in this eye journey.  Todd Feeback is a pretty important guy to us.  He is the reporter/producer of the Kansas City Public Television program segment about  Bud and Betsy.  The segment was nominated for a 2014 Mid America Emmy Award this year.  I was so excited for Todd.  Seriously.  Unfortunately, it was beat out by a segment on the Rams.  C'mon judges.....football player vs Bud & Betsy, this really wasn't a tough choice. Anyway, this guy now has a forever spot in our lives, I don't think he will ever realize how important this was to us, me especially. Healing comes in all forms, this segment got me through some ugly stuff.  So thank you Todd.  For putting up with us, my crazy wooden eye comments and putting together something our family will cherish.

*A couple weeks ago, Betsy randomly pulled a book from the library shelf.  Poppie the One Eyed Pug.  I can't make this stuff up.  I sent an email to the author, telling her how excited Betsy was to read about a dog with one eye.  The author, Sharron Hopcus then mailed Betsy her entire series, plus a set to our local library.  We found out that Poppie is a real dog with one eye...who knew.  Thanks so much Sharron for bringing Poppie into our lives!

*I do not have a picture of Betsy and Todd together...yet :)

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  1. Wow...that segment was fascinating. I had no idea such a thing existed. Betsy is even cuter in real life than in pictures - didn't think that was possible! It was so good to see your smiling face too. :) thanks for sharing!


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