halloween and haircuts

*Halloween.  Good times had by all.  This year all the kids in our neighborhood trick/treated together.  This was a bit overwhelming for our neighbors that answered their doors, but then we allowed them to only have to get off their couches one time. So win-win for everyone.  Our costumes were actually purchased this year, instead of put together in under 3 minutes from the dress up closet.  

A slightly annoyed Bat Girl.  She did NOT want to stop and have a picture taken, while there were treats to be had.  Appreciate the half effort Ellakate!
Max as the black ninja.  Yes, we disregarded all rules about not dressing your kid in all dark colors.
Betsy the Unicorn.  This was a fantastic costume for a couple reasons.  The most important was protection. Due to  depth perception issues in the dark with curbs...unicorn's head provided a soft landing for Betsy face numerous times.  Prepare to see the unicorn for years to come.

*Betsy had her first ever haircut today.  Yes, she will turn 4 in a couple weeks.  Don't judge me people.  Obviously somethings slip through the cracks.  She had 2+ inches cut off, so now I can put that off for another 4 years.
After the cut complete with fancy braid. 

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  1. Ohmigosh! The unicorn costume is the cutest thing EVER!!!!


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