Back in Action

Max says "Hello Summer and thanks to Apple Computer Warranty for saving my arse!"
*We have returned!  The adorable boy above doused the laptop with an entire can of Sprite a couple weeks ago.   So let's give a shout out to the Apple Mac technicians and a warranty! Amen!  We just got it back today.  I almost hugged the Fed Ex guy, after I apologized to him, since Max shouted out the open window " Mom the FU guy is here."  Thankfully the "FU" guy laughed.  Geez.   I promised we will not refer to him by that name again.  All in all, we are back online and by we, I mean Zack and I...no kids and no liquids will be in the same room again ;)

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  1. Computer problems are the worst! Glad to see ya back in action. Have a good day friend! :)


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