dress up and skate boards.

*Morning.  I am feeling very adult this a.m. with my coffee, computer and a quiet house. (no worries the coffee is not in the same room as the laptop, which makes it a bit annoying, safety can be fun.)  The kids are still asleep, I'm guessing that they will be up momentarily, when they sniff out that I am enjoying a wee bit of alone time.  

*A couple weeks ago we met up with some good friends for a day.  Zack and Heath use to work together for the State, then both moved within a year of each other to the same company.  Downside is they had to move farther away from us, not to mention that Kristi and I have become really good friends, so of course now we don't see each other much. Dang. (I hope she thinks we are good friends, if not, the next family outing will be a bit awkward.) Anyhoo. Kristi found a fantastic free zoo to explore.  Here's a pic of the 6 kiddos, I am not sure what the heck I bribed them with, but they actually were all looking in the same direction....
poor Maxwell,  always outnumbered.
*The summer has started off well around here.  Not many things have been accomplished yet, unless you count spending days without having to put shoes on as an accomplishment.  If so, then we have been really busy.
Lots of pool time.  Yes googles and floating are required.
*Zack was in the Chicago area for a conference this week.  The kids and I went to visit my parents Monday and just returned yesterday afternoon.  It was a fabulous vacation.  Priorities included, lots of cousin time, no schedule, outside entertainment of picking up sticks from the storm, several library trips, going to work with grampy and pretty much being spoiled.  
My oldest niece Grace holding a quick art camp.

*While we were at Grampy and Mimi's a couple of the most popular forms of entertainment were combined for the first time.  Dress-up and skateboarding. Betsy. I hope everyone has a chance to meet her someday and let's leave it at that.

Sporting a tiara, heels, gloves and a dress from one of my mom's sisters when they were little. This girl was ready to tear it up on the neighbors driveway. Grampy and Mimi's driveway is a bit too steep for this crew.
Thank you no.  I will do it myself.  You go girl.  Side note: She really does walk better in heels than I do.

I love her.
*EllaKate has not slowed down to be captured in many pictures.  She is spending most of her time with her BFF Abby.  
These two will rule the world some day, if they can stop giggling.
*The boy has now emerged and requested a root beer float for breakfast.  Not a bad choice, but channeling my mother, I told him, he needed a bit of protein first.  We are off and running!
I'll leave you with a neck punch from Max!

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  1. Your kiddos are too cute! Love the skateboarding and dress up. :)


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