3 Reasons.

* I have been unable to carve time out of my day to blog.  I have really missed it, though on the plus side, the year end blog book will be much cheaper.  The last couple weeks have been busy with sickness, Easter (which Max and I missed due to sickness), Father/Daughter dances, 5k races (Which Ek and I missed due to sickness), Church programs (Which Betsy and I missed due to sickness). I'm guessing you get the point, I have not been sick all those times, but draw the straw to stay back and care for them. Before you feel sorry for me, I did throw in the towel and find myself alone on the way to Target for a couple hours.  Yay Me.  So after 12 seconds of careful consideration I came up with 3 main reasons why its hard to find the time for my blog...

Reason #1.

Ella Kate.  The leader of the pack, who with the aid of swim goggles, a straw and my grandmothers vintage pickle fork can create some very creative and very loud fun.  I did take the pickle fork away, she might have replaced it with a spindle that fell off the kitchen chair.  So I took that away and then took some ibuprofen. She can rally the troops for or against you.  Most days its a toss up.

Reason #2

Maxwell.  The ninja/Lego/superhero loving boy.  This sometimes shy kid does not hesitate to give you a flying punch in the neck when you least expect it.  Which honestly, I least expect it....but am learning to keep a keen eye out. The other night he surprised me, by jumping out from behind the bathroom door and giving me a karate kick to the shin when i got out of the shower (at 10:30 at night)  He's a sneaky one.

Reason #3.

Betsy.  Thisgirldoesnotslowdown.  It doesn't matter if its talking, riding bikes, running, eating, bathing, playing, singing.  She does it FULL FORCE.  Her latest passion is roller skating while sporting swim goggles and closing her eyes.  Girl has got some bruises.  She is one tough chick.  Really, she has to be with a pickle fork wielding sister and neck punching brother.

*Those are my reasons for lack of blogging. Good reasons. Tiring reasons, but reasons. So hang with me, the stories might be slow to be posted, but you know they will be entertaining!

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