*New Years Eve, we sat around the dinner table and discussed our family/personal resolutions.  It was an interesting conversation.  There are some that will hopefully be met and a few that will be a bit more difficult to tackle. Here are a few we came up with...

-Learn to fly. (Max)
-Be a Chiefs fan (Ek)
-Paint the house (Betsy)  What the what? She failed to notice Zack did paint the house this summer.
-Be a swimming lessons teacher (Max)
-Learn to sew (me) followed by laughing from my husband. 
-Have mom clean the bathtub more often so I can take more baths (EK)  For the record I do clean the tub, but not every flipping day!
-Calm down the crazy (EK) This will be a hard one for all of us.
-Host Thanksgiving (Zack)  Good luck on that one buddy.
-Less yelling (EK) Ironically she shouted this one quite loudly
-Have mom cook meals I like. (Max) Is there a theme here? I obviously need to cook and clean more.  Good thing Christmas is over or I know a few kids that would get some presents taken away.

*So we shall see what the next year brings for us.  I'll let you know when Max is ready to take on swimming students, but don't hold your breath on me cooking and cleaning more.  I'll be too busy sewing...or not.

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