phone dump of the holidays

*Hello from the land of small houses and way to many Christmas toys.  We have 7 more days until school starts and the fighting has been intense. So please pray for us.  The following is a phone dump of pictures from the holidays.
Guess who forgot they had the tree on top when they pulled into the garage? This family.  Thankfully it was a small tree. On another note, this was the first year that the tree was not knocked over by a child.  Look at us growing up. Kinda
Betsy woke up excited for snow! YAY!

One of the many trips outside.
Annual sugar cookie baking/decorating.  Downside is they tasted horrible.  "Sara Jane you should be a food blogger" said no one ever.
Another example of trying to take a nice photo.  I'm glad that Grammo and Mike don't mind a Christmas salute picture.
Christmas morning.  I had to tell them to show some excitement....so then I get this.
Now that's some Christmas SPIRIT!
Our resident spy is now set for awhile.  I just love that he figured out the telescoping flashlight can fit under the bathroom door. NICE
This almost 7 year old looked like she was 15 reading a new book while the others opened gifts.  Oy Vey.

*Last but not least, a Christmas/New years dishwasher.  Zack has been limping our old one along and we finally decided to put the old girl down.  Our dishes are very excited and so am I.
The 3 year old assistant only added a couple hours on to the installation.  
*Here's to surviving the remainder of break. Upside: our only goal is to change out of our pajamas before Zack gets home from work. Downside: I'm not sure the goal is going to be met.

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