muffin fail.

*So I mentioned in an earlier post that no one has ever suggested (besides myself) that I should be a food blogger. Here's another reason why that is a good thing.

*I would like to share my recipe for BBQ smoked blueberry muffins this morning.  The name itself makes ones stomach growl (possibly not in a good way)  First one must start a couple days ahead of time.  You will need your husbands assistance.  Have your husband drop a couple BBQ ribs on the bottom of the oven.  Then the next morning pick out the bones and wipe up all BBQ sauce.  Now here's the tricky part...don't pay too close attention while cleaning. You must leave a good amount of sauce in the bottom.  Wait 3 days.  Then in a spur of the moment decide to make blueberry muffins to be a "that kind of mom."  Fix muffins as directed from box.  Cook for appropriate amount of time.  When timer goes off, open oven door (cooking tip: step to the side so you do not pass out from the amount of crazy black smoke billowing from the oven)  Remove muffins.  Now to really enhance the flavor spread butter on them.  I find that this brings out the BBQ taste.  The final step is to throw a bowl of cereal at your child as you are pushing them into the car for school.  Another added bonus is the great smell your house will have for a couple hours. Yummy.  I really should make this smell into a candle... 

*For those of you in the area I happen to have 11 1/2 muffins left if you would like to come over. I will gladly share.  Scratch that.  Now I only have 10 1/2 muffins.  Betsy seems to really love them...

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