*Morning from the land of two tone paint.  Guess who spent the better part of an afternoon touching up all the trim in the house with the wrong shade?  This girl.  Guess who is annoyed every time she looks at her trim? This girl.  Bonus, from afar it looks really nice. Guess who is going to ask her husband to repaint all the trim for her upcoming birthday gift? Yup. This girl. 

*Yesterday I gave another attempt to be the elusive "fun mom"  Man, it is not easy, but I figured out my secret weapon.  A fun responsible teen named Talby.  We tricked  asked her to come along for the day.  Ek was out of school and we taught Max the meaning of the phrase "playing hooky."  So we were off to Target, lunch with Zack and my ever favorite...the Zoo.  I have a long history of annoyance with the Zoo.  But when you buy a season pass, apparently your husband feels you should actually use it.  I have the opinion that once you see the animals, there is really no need to go back. My children however, feel otherwise.  Insert above mentioned teen.  This trip was pretty good, it was our first time to the zoo without a stroller, diapers, enough snacks for a week and crying.  It was kinda like Christmas at the Zoo.   
Betsy attempting to spear the penguins.  
Betsy is wearing Zack's safety glasses from work.  I have no idea why, but not a battle I chose to fight.

*While at Target, I let the kids pick out any item the wanted....from the dollar aisle.  Max chose these "grabbers"  I had a mom fail on this one.  But his dog doesn't seem to mind them and it keeps her off the couch.

*Now back to staring at the trim and rolling my eyes.

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