best/worst weekend recap.

*I have lots to fill your heads with today, so I have decided to go with a best and worst recap of my weekend.  

BEST:  Had a great birthday last Thursday, even though I told many people I was 38 instead of 37...very odd.   Ek made a list of how my bday should go.
Of course #2 was my favorite.
*BEST: I had the chance to spend the weekend with my friend Jenny as a helper at Craft Weekend with Meg Duerksen and Kimberlee Jost.  Great women and fantastic food.  Loved it.   Not to mention that Jenny made me an apron in her spare time from helping the other girls.  
Meg, Jenny, Kimberlee and I (in case you didn't recognize me with makeup) Photo by Meg.
Me with my great new apron and Jenny photo bombing me.  Which was ok seeing as she did make the apron 

*WORST:  Got a text from Zack that Betsy had the stomach flu Friday night.  I was ready to head home, but my super hubby insisted that I stay.  Wow. What a man.

*WORST: Another text from Zack on Saturday that EllaKate had the stomach flu and he had to throw out 2 kitchen rugs.

*BEST: shopping for fun antiques with the craft weekend girls

*WORST: Following text from Zack..."Ek just threw up a pot of macaroni and cheese, then she sneezed. I have lit the house on fire for the good of all mankind."  Another reassuring phone call that I should indeed stay and huge wave of mommy guilt.

*BEST: great conversation with Kimberlee, another star of Craft weekend, who also is going to teach me how to wear awesome lipstick.

*WORST: news that we lost another rug to the stomach flu.

*BEST: sitting down reading a magazine at the craft house without interruption.

*BEST: wearing hard pants (jeans), makeup and doing my hair for 3 consecutive days and not dying. Who knows I might try this now on a regular basis.

*WORST: saying goodbye to 12 new friends (who I will now continue to stalk on the Internet) 

*BEST: coming home to my family (even though I am afraid it will be a REALLY long time, before my next weekend away)  Zack is a trooper.

*WORST: throwing out our dining room rug.  Stupid flu= Boo   Shopping Target online for new rugs= Yay!
So long rug.
*BEST/WORST: Having a bit of craft weekend hangover after the newness of being home wears off. I did throw on my new scarf from EllaRue Designs (check her fun stuff out on Facebook!) Also these scarves go with anything, even my AC/DC shirt that I was wearing. Bonus.


  1. Speaking of internet stalking...hi new friend! (Oh, it's Amy - of the mom with the spectacular vest, not the one with the amazing scarves). Hard pants is still my fave. I really need to find a way to work that into a conversation sometime very soon. I was WCW hungover this morning too. Sorry that you have sick kiddos, but was super glad to get to hang out with you this weekend. Hope they're feeling better soon (and that you don't catch it!!) :)

    1. New friend Amy! It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you! Please do not be nervous about throwing around the "hard pants" phrase. I am confident it can work in many conversations :) Keep in touch!

  2. When are we going lipstick shopping? Xoxo

    1. I am open anytime sister! Perhaps a perfect time would be when our kids are well? :)

  3. New friend Lesley here! I cannot believe all this was going on at home and you never for a second let on! Selfishly, I'm so glad you stayed 'cos you're the bomb! Just like Amy, I'm taking the 'hard pants' reference and making it my own. I'll think of you each and every time I utter it, promise. Please let me know when the lipstick shopping date is and I'll participate long distance...maybe even pick up a pair of hoop earrings while I'm at it. Thanks again for making the weekend a dream come true. You rocked it. xox

    1. You are too sweet! I am so glad it worked out for me to stay as well. Please let me know how the new "hard pants" phrase works out for you :) I have decided that you must make a return trip to KS. We can have an intense workshop with Kimberlee to figure out lipstick, hoop earrings and of course those pesky high heels. Check your calendar and have your people call my people. Ha.

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  5. Hi there! Found you through Meg's blog...I'm coming to craft weekend in April. SO excited!! But I had to laugh at you saying the wrong age...I did that (I think) when I was like 31 or 32 and I kept saying I was a year older. Now that I'm..ahem..41 (ouch!!) I would give anything to go back! haha

    1. Michelle, glad to hear I am not the only one that doesn't really know my age :) I bet you are super excited about craft weekend. You will have an amazing time, I am trying to force my way back for another round as helper! :)


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