birthdays and snow days

*Ella Kate turned 7 last Saturday. Gulp. Her birthday was a bit lackluster in details, since I got sick on Friday.  Thankfully my friend Carla stepped in. She picked Ek up Friday night and took her to the store to buy a birthday cake. The day was saved since in our world, decorations and party favors fall to the wayside if you have cake and presents.  
happy birthday EK!
A 2 hour girl party Saturday was enough to have us all take fat naps that afternoon.  After careful thought Ek decided on going with her BFF Abby to the burger king play place and out for ice cream.  Boo...i mean Yay! 
This is how I feel about freezing my tush off at fast food play places...
A little ice cream to warm up.
*Now we are enjoying our second day of no school due to crazy amount of snow.  Yesterday we spent most of the day outside. 
Spiderman might have been stuck in the drift for awhile.  oops. 
This girl LOVES the snow.

Betsy came up with a brilliant idea to beat the heavy snow blowing in the face problem. Nice.


Off and running

Max shoveling the street.

When the snow got heavy we took shelter under the neighbors canoe.
*Currently it is 10 am and we have already made our own markers (from a kit obviously) and everyone has been in timeout.  So I am thinking that 1 degree outside might be warm enough to play in the snow for a bit....


  1. I thought we Canadians were the only ones to hide out under canoes! Really?...who does that. Your kids are going to have the best childhood memories ever. You're killing it Mom!
    Lesley xox
    PS: I still really miss you and the craft house! I wonder if I'll ever get over that. Kinda hope not:)

  2. Lesley- please come back! I really miss you too ;)


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