a fowl joke.

*This Christmas I have decided to purchase gift certificates for future therapy sessions for my children.  We had a big ruckus over a certain present in the garage.  Shockingly enough, its my fault.  I know, I know, really my fault? Say it isn't so...  I had hidden a the gift at my friend Carla's house.  She wrapped it for me ( I also wrapped one of hers, just so you don't think I'm not a giver) anyway, my laziness means it is still sitting in the garage waiting to be carried downstairs.  Yesterday morning as we were leaving for school, all 3 kids were asking what was in the box.  So the brilliant mom that I am, I said "baby chickens."  After the screams of excitement, Ek thumps the box a couple times and announces, "Well I guess they are dead."  Oh for the love of all that is holy.  The younger 2 cried the entire way to drop off Ek at school.  I will admit, I laughed and then tried to convince them that we do NOT have a box of dead baby chickens in our garage.  Did this stop the questions, "where are the air holes, do they have food in there, did they freeze, why did you get us chickens?"  We had several SEVERAL discussions about the fact that the gift is really a toy for all three of them.  I honesty thought I had solved it.  Nope.  Betsy and I walked out to the garage later that night to turn on the Christmas lights,  I was talking and she stopped me "Ssshhhhhhh mommy, the baby chickens are sleeping."  I really don't want to have to open the gift early....but we might, just to prove that I am not a baby chicken killer.  So any therapists out there offering gift certificates for cheep cheep?

*Side note: We are still searching for a force field for Ellakate.  Apparently Amazon is all out.

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