cheetos Wednesday.

*This weekend we spent time at Grampy and Mimi's house. It was so relaxing and fun.  I am not sure why we don't just head there every weekend. Something to think about.
Attempting to get a picture with Grampy.  It was a valiant effort. We will need need to work with Betsy on actually smiling before our family pictures in a couple weeks.

Ek's favorite part is cooking with Mimi.

Walking to church with Grampy
*Max had some minor surgery yesterday. He was such a trooper and handled the anesthesia well, I'm guessing Betsy gave him a couple of tips.
After surgery Orange juice and Cheetos, breakfast of champions.
*Now we are settled into movies and lortab (just for max, unless it will help everyone nap...i kid, I kid..maybe) should be a good day.

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