boot and rally.

*Still living in land of Kleenex's and Tylenol around here.  We have rallied to get some fresh air and entertain the neighbors.
Loving the new park around the corner from our house

The boy is a superhero wherever we go.

Max discovered with the help of a bungee cord he can make his sister "whip kitties" in the driveway.  I have never been so proud.
*This guy doesn't get enough face time on the blog, probably because he is too busy doing everything around here (don't tell him I said that)  He earned his keep again last night when he calmly called me off the volleyball court to inform me that he had just been covered with Betsy's dinner.  So if you happened to witness our family last night at the Rec Center, here's a quick recap.  My team wondering where in the world their setter went in the middle of a play, my hubby holding Betsy and both being "covered" while I gathered up the 9 lbs of toys my kids brought along, a child being stripped down in the hallway, a river in hallway when Ek dropped my giant water cup walking down the hall, and last but not least, my shirtless husband wrangling kids in the parking lot.  
I love this guy.

*This girl is not very happy with me this morning. I kept her home from school with a disgusting cold that will not go away.

So on this chilly morning we are all snuggled up on a couch covered in towels (you can never be too careful) trying not to OD on 7up, trying not to use up all the Kleenex and trying not to raise red flags to Netflix on the crazy amount of movies we will watch today. Wish us luck!

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