Best show and tell ever.

*Friday catchup today. Lot of news to report around here.  First off the fridge handle was my DIY project a couple days ago. It really classes up the joint, Zack's not so sure.
I discovered that it will be $70 to replace the handle, so looks like this will be the view for a while. Thanks so much Betsy!
*Last night was the local parade. EllaKate was thrilled that she got to ride in the firetruck with Zack. I was impressed that missing the candy handout wasn't a deterrent.  The other 2 had a great time with their neighborhood friends. The highlight was Max got a koozie, and Betsy scored herself yet another pair of shades.
A quick pic before the parade.

Our favorite part of the parade.  Ek is in there, I promise

 Part of our neighborhood gang.

New shades.

I have a feeling these will be our new accessory for awhile.

*Last but certaintly not least, today was show and tell day for Ek's class. After careful consideration, she decided on her item.  Wait for it...Betsy's old fake eye.  Oh my word.  I need to apologize to all the parents of students her in class. Tonight's dinner conversation will be interesting.  I have no idea what her commentary will be, but really wish I could be a fly on the wall.  She has strict instructions not to pass it around and not.lose.it!  At least it is her old one, but still.  My guess is this will be a hard act to follow. I'll keep you posted.  

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