hey. look who it is....

*We have been busy, if you haven't already guessed that from my lack of blog posts. I crashed on Sunday and spent the entire day in bed. Was I sick? Nope. Did I have a legitimate reason? Nope. My husband was kind enough to let me sleep until noon and then take a 4 hour nap in the afternoon. I highly recommend this technique of recharging your batteries to anyone. It does require one awesome spouse who will let you get away with it. I do have a feeling it's a once a year kinda thing. Dang.

*My "boss" is still here, always having her "special helper" do everything for her.  My favorite is sitting next to her while she plays with stickers, then watching her slowly peel the backs off the stickers. She then proceeds to let them slowly waft to the ground while yelling "special helper"  I seriously dont get paid enough and who bought her all these dumb stickers? Wait. Scratch that.  But she is pretty cool when she lets us have 80's day at work.  Party on party people.  I think Olivia Newton John would be proud.

* Ek had her first soccer game Saturday. She loved it. So that means I had my first gig as assistant coach. Whew. It is a good time, but once again I'm glad my friend Carla is the head coach. Lets face it, I really know next to nothing about soccer, but I do love to yell random things, so I think I'm in the right position.
Ek and her BFF Abby.

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