daily questions

*Yesterday was the day of random questions around here. Max woke up at 4:30 am to inform me that monkeys can also be called apes.  He then proceeded to discuss the finer points of apes, until I told him to go back to bed and tell God all about it.  I am all about kids being excited about learning various subjects, but not in the wee hours of the morning.

*I bought the kids their own $1 tape measure from Target.  They have been quite entertained by measuring everything in sight.  Why must they get so excited to measure my waist, then shout "look how big this is, it takes up the entire tape". Fail.

*I am back playing volleyball in a rec league.  It has been a solid 10 years since I last played.  I did wake up with some pains in muscles that I thought had shriveled up and died years ago.  I rememberplaying rec in college and thinking "oh my, we are playing against moms, geez" Well now I am on the mom's team. I must admit we are pretty good and can actually move against these young kids  But why must they look at us, like we will call a timeout and stop to breast feed our zoo of kids on the sidelines.  Karma is harsh sometimes.

*Betsy and I are enjoying our 3 mornings alone together.  She has developed this new game called boss and special helper.  I of course am the special helper.  I have found that the special helper does what ever she wants. It is tiring.  She asks me why special helpers are cranky? It could be something to do with the fact that the special helper has to be led around on a stick horse/unicorn for long periods of times and clean up every mess she makes.  Looks like my entire life as a mom could now be referred to as being a "special helper"

*So yesterday the younger 2 and I had a   l  o n  g    day.  They were naughty and I had no patience.  So in the midst of a yelling episode (if you don't ever experience this, then I'm not sure why we are friends?!?) I walked into the kitchen to take my own timeout and saw the book I had recently checked out from the library

So needless to say without cracking the book, I seem to be on the right track.  Thank goodness its Friday. I welcome my backup special helper to be home for a few days. I sure hope he likes riding unicorns.

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