winking "jack-o-melons"

*Our weekend was a good one.  Lots of things got accomplished due to the cooler weather and better attitudes from all.  Betsy learned to wink and ramp the neighbors driveway on her trike.  So that's fun and a bit scary!  Now she is trying to incorporate the winking with the bike jumping.  The things that entertain us around here are always interesting.

We decided its a bit of a pirate wink.  ARRRGGGGHHHH 
Betsy shooting the curb. Good form.
*Our garden is slowly dying out.  We picked the last couple of watermelons yesterday.  The small one wasn't quite ready to eat, so Max decided it would be a good idea to carve it.  So now we are neighbors with a glowing "jack-o-melon" on our porch.

So happy with our melon.  I don't think that Betsy could smile any harder!

Happy September!

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