holy moly..its a blog post.

*So yet another recap. Let's just plan from now on having a blog post every 9 days, then we won't both be disappointed.  Think of the surprise if I posted earlier, oh happy day.  But for now here's what we have been doing last couple of days.

*There was pink eye. Yup. We know how to party.

*There was the 4th of July. Good friends, good food and lots of loudness.
Ek's first year to blow stuff up on her own.

Max was the first casualty. He got into an accidental collision with his friend. His face met the street, thankfully nothing that another cookie and ice pack couldn't fix.

Betsy rocked the sparklers.

*I tried for a day to be "fun mom." We hit the arboretum, library, and sonic.  In this house "fun mom" only happens once in a great while, its exhausting. "Fun Dad" however happens all the time. I have some lucky kids.
deep conversation at the arboretum. (may have been about what flavor of slush they were getting)

Feeding the turtles and fish. We were so excited that Wonder Woman joined us.

Discussing a bit about nature...or still on the topic of slushes from Sonic.  Whatever gets you out in the fresh air.
*Betsy, Grampy and I headed to Super Bud's yesterday to have her new eye painted. She was a trooper and did really well. Bud of course did yet another amazing job, seriously cool how he can paint such a "real" eye. Also thankfully that he didn't paint it all pink/purple like she wanted, but that would have been pretty awesome too.  I will put some pics up of the the new "paint job" when I take some.  She tried to take it out on the way home yesterday to look at it...oh my.  

*I did captured my sweet kids getting along for over 4 1/2 minutes a couple days ago.  The picture isn't that great, but they are all in close proximity and not just for landing a good blow on their sibling. Hallelujah!

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