*Whew. Just made it under the wire for a post every 9 days. Look at me on day 7. Hot dang.

*This week Betsy has been taking her new eye out to "look at it."  She is starting to not get so upset when she realizes that it's not painted pink/purple like she had hoped. This is the best picture of her new paint job.  (It's her left eye FYI) Sometimes it's hard to tell which eye is the fake one (which is pretty awesome in my book)

*My kids are creative. Sometimes they use their creativity for evil, but mostly for good. (Thank the Lord) Yesterday they were going down wrong path at nap time.  So after taking everything away I could thing of,  I took away putting water in the pool. Apparently I need to make a list of things to use for consequences, so I am not flying by the seat of my pants. After naps they made the pool into a fort. Pretty clever if you ask me, not to mention a nonchalant way to "stick it to the mom." 

*The big excitement around here was the arrival of bunk beds. They love 'em, not to mention that Zack and I only mentioned divorce once when putting them together. Not bad for a 2 hour project.  Last night we were taking the box to the curb for recycling, when "Fun Dad" decided to make it into a luge. It only lasted a couple runs before it fell apart, but was well worth it. Zack might have a different version since he was the one pushing it. Hey! Did you know I take horrible pictures? You didn't? Well, must be your first time on the blog.  I know these next couple of blurry, but I was running and laughing, not a great combo.  Still. it captures a memory, even if its blurry.

The 2013 Bunk Bed Box Luge Team...

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