Trying to remember our vacation.

*Let's reintroduce ourselves..I am Sara Jane a hit and miss blogger. Geez.  Ok now where were we? We last discussed my inability to control my kids and house after vacation.  It feels like that was 2 years ago, so here's hoping I remember anything about the trip.

*Oh wait. I do remember that Betsy has the bladder of a small bird. So here's a blanket apology to all those travelers who witnessed me holding her small bum on the side of the road.  I lost count of the number of stops and the number of times she peed on my foot.  Memories my mom tells me, memories.

Testing the temp of the river in Colorado. The belly shot on Max is nice too.
I'm sure there is no surprise my kids are wearing masks. These were picked up on our second stop of the trip (an hour away from our house..goodness me) That is my nephew Judah in the background (Bad aunt, forgot to buy him a mask)
Cowboy Small rides again. YeeHaw!
My sweet cowgirl
Betsy finally got to "ride" a horse.
*So after a fun filled 6 days we headed back home. The return trip was more of the same with just less patience.  We stopped for another bathroom break and the a/c on the car quit. Thankfully we were only an hour from home.  So the last leg of the trip was a bit loud and windy, not to mention flipping hot.

Just playing some games on the iPad, while her hair whips her in the face.  Who doesnt' love vacation? 
We had a tree that fell over in a storm while we were gone. Our kind neighbors cleaned it all up for us.  But for some more family bonding, we decided (who am I kidding?) Zack decided we could all pull the stump out.  By golly we did it and I am sure entertained the neighbors as well.
*After tree stump pulling, Zack was able to fix I the A/C on the suburban. Amen to that.
Zack with his assistants. I think its pretty clear that Betsy takes after me. Supervising with snacks and a drink. I love that girl.

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