Yay for birthdays and summer

*First off...Happy Birthday to my husband! Sorry that I did not get up to actually see you this morning, but you do get up reaaalllllyyyyyy early and it is the first full day of summer vacation. To make up for this, I will text you Happy Birthday an annoying amount of times today.  You are welcome.  The kids have been brainstorming gifts today (we are on top of things around here) so far the list includes: a watch (which you already have) a new stove (nope, our existing one doesn't get used that much) a GPS (already have) a bear (uh no) a snow cone maker ( we can work with this one).  Sweet.
*Yesterday was Ek's last day of Kindergarten! Hello Summer! Yesterday I also found myself looking at the help wanted ads after one hour of summer vacation.  There was fighting in the car on the way home from school, fighting through lunch, pause on fighting for naps (thank you Lord) and then fighting resumed.  Oh my. I love staying home with my kids, I cried everyday for 12 weeks at the thought of going back to work. I quit my job on my last day of maternity leave with Ek and haven't looked back....until yesterday. So this morning we had a "come to Jesus" talk about being together all day and transition times.  So far we have been getting along famously and I haven't filled out any applications....yet :)
Our favorite (gulp) soon to be 1st grader!

*Betsy is always surprising us.  She is in the stage of doing everything that her older siblings do, even loving everything superheroes.  Currently she is rocking the one glove (Michael Jackson style) and announcing to anyone that will listen that she is "Betsy of the Universe." Honestly is sounds like "Betsy the verse" but you get the picture.

Betsy and her "power glove"

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