The Anniversary Sewer!

*My anniversary sewer pipe arrived this week. Our plan to escape to my parents house was thwarted early on.  Apparently the workers like for the owner to be around in case "you know what" hits the fan...literally. So thankfully we were able to procure a key from our friends to use their facilities throughout the day.  The entire day was spent outside watching and trying to not fall into the deep pit. (We were successful on that account...no one was lost in the pit.) Since I know you are dying to see the process here are some pictures.

These two can now put a sewer pipe in on their own.  The watched intently all day.  They just need someone to let them borrow a backhoe...
The after school crowd.
*As you can imagine all the free time (when it is not snowing in May) is playing in the giant dirt pile.
The kids and I had fun last night.  Yes I realize mine are snow boots, whadda gonna do.


  1. I'm still looking for cute farm boots. I'm thinking I need some like Ella Kate's! :)

    1. Let me know when you find some cute ones, then grab a pair for me :)


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