playing catchup

*This last weekend was a crazy one. Lots of stuff on the calendar so that means I am still struggling to put a basket of laundry away from Saturday. First up Father Daughter Dance.  Zack and Ek had a great time!
*Then Saturday was the local 5K for girls only.  Ek ran pretty much the entire thing, except when she had to wait on me. This picture is before the race (I did manage to wrangle her hair into a ponytail before we left)
*The race was followed up Sunday by Ek's Sunday school program. She was very proud of her medal for completing all her devotions. I felt like I deserved at least a gold star sticker for hounding her to do them.  No celebratory picture is complete without a photo bomb from your brother.
*Since the weekend seemed to revolve around EllaKate, Max was super excited about his preschool trip to the zoo on Monday.
Getting ready to leave for the Zoo.  I did make him leave Ek's medal at home.  This is Betsy's new smile, fantastic.  geez.
I have no idea what they are looking at here, but it makes a cute photo.

This pretty much sums up all the buildings at the zoo. I don't blame ya, sister.

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