Thanks for the tip.

*This weekend was filled with pajama wearing way past breakfast, Plane Jane shopping, Mimi's birthday celebrating, grilling in the rain and overall a good time. It just always seems to go too fast, then we are back to a certain boy throwing a 7 am punch to his older sister, which starts a chain reaction of swinging fists of fury and tears.  All before the coffee has been made.  But we pulled it together and even made it out of our pj's before lunch.  My goal is to not still be wearing my pj's  when we drop EK off at school, but not looking like this goal will be met anytime soon.  Besides the school year is coming to an end, I think I will pick that goal back up next year. Good it's settled then.

The Headbandz game gangster style.   It's how we do Friday, punks
*These girls spent all day Sunday in their laundry basket houses, not all bad, but they do sing a bit louder when they think you can't hear them.  I needed to steal the ear protection, especially because Ek's new retort..."Thanks for the tip, Mom"  Usually in response when I tell her not to do something. Oy Vey.

*Speaking of tips, don't let this cute boy use your knife, for many reasons.
*Now back to the regular scheduled Monday programming of laundry..

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