Cows and happiness

*So yesterday Ek comes home from school with this picture...

What the what? Mom and a cow? Are we friends or one in the same? All I know is that I'm pretty sure Ek is grounded. Seriously could she not pick a bunny, cat something else? Maybe due to the curly black mane (thanks for pointing that out Vinnie) it might mean that it's not really me?  So now that my self esteem has taken a plunge...let's move on to what has made us happy the last couple of days around here.

Riding in your neighbors "Monster Truck" Max is still talking about it!
Finally getting to wear you new favorite dress
Finding an "almost" fresh poptart in the back of your friend Carla's van. Eureka!
*My sister Katie told me to "not have a cow" over it. HA. Thanks for the advice :)


  1. In fairness to EK, you don't look happy to be near the cow...maybe she's picked up on some unconscious dislike for cows you didn't know you had...

    1. Joanna. Yes that's it! You are so smart. The next pop tart that Betsy finds I'm bringing to you! :)


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